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Plus Position Category:  Executive Manager/Supervisor

Form of employment:       the same system

Working Area:                     Jiangsu / Wuxi / Zhouzhuang Town

Age requirement:             25-45 years

Probationary period:        3 months

Probationary pay:             3000 yuan/month

Salary:                                500-6000 yuan/month

Education:                             College or above.

Position requirements
        1、through the network and other related platforms responsible for bidding information collection, collation;

        2、Do a good job of relevant materials for the formal bidding work;

        3、Customer tracking and service after bidding;

        4、Other matters assigned;

Requirements for Candidates:

       1、Two years or above experience in the tendering industry;

       2、 Honest, trustworthy, self-motivated and self-motivated;

       3、Be proficient in the production of documents that meet the requirements of bidding;