From IT to DT, the dawn of science supports life.

          Beijing Dec 2,2019/ Meitong Society /- Life Science is to study the law of life activity mainly through molecular genetics, so as to achieve the purpose of treating and diagnosing genetic diseases, increasing crop yield, protecting the environment and so on. The data sources and forms of life sciences are diverse, including gene sequencing, molecular channels, different populations, etc. The upgrading of technology leads the transformation from IT to DT (data age), and the development prospect of life science big data will be wider based on the increasing amount of genomic data. Using information technology to transform data into a better-understood underlying life science mechanism, the results of its analysis will bring more good news to mankind.


          Computing and storage is an indispensable and important technology and support in the research of big data, and the research of big data in life science is no exception. The Shanghai Institute of Life Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the Institute of Health), is a national life science research platform, the overall strength and technical level in the domestic leading. In addition to its leading biotechnology, information technology also plays an important role. In this project, Shuguang is the foundation platform of biomedical big data information system (hereinafter referred to as biomedical big data platform). The platform will be oriented to life science research, biomedical research and development, clinical medical research and application, promote the innovation and development of biomedical technology enterprises, and support data-intensive scientific research and biological information sharing.

Secure and stable storage system to meet biomedical user needs:

          The main types of biomedical data are text file, image file, binary file and other unstructured data. the requirements for storage are mainly in the size of storage capacity and the flux of large file reading and writing. in addition, a small amount of structured data such as key database, index and so on, the storage of iops and stable reading and writing ability are required.

            In the future, the biomedical big data platform will become an open research platform for biomedical big data, an international data exchange interface and a cooperative research base for the world. The gathering, management and sharing of massive biomedical big data resources, the security of data is very important.

Three-center architecture to create a high availability biomedical big data platform:


          The biomedical big data platform infrastructure consists of three centers, namely, Zhangjiang Center, Yueyang Road Center and Guizhou Center, each of which needs to carry relevant business systems. The three centers are connected with each other through the science and technology network link, and meet the high availability and high stability of biomedical big data platform business through the two centers architecture of dual live and remote disaster recovery in the same city.