Yao Ming Kant Life Chemistry Research Award

        BEIJING, Dec.8,2019- Today, the 13th "Yao Ming Kant Life Chemistry Research Award" was announced in Beijing. Three people, including Yuan Yingjin of Tianjin University, Liu Wanli of the School of Life Sciences of Tsinghua University and Yang Hui of the Institute of Neurosciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, were awarded the "Distinguished Achievement Award "; Du Jie of the Beijing Anzhen Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University was awarded the" Transformation Award of Scientific and Technological Achievements "; and Ye Dingwei of the Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University were awarded the "Scholar Award ".


       Founded in 2007, the "Yao Ming Kant Life Chemistry Research Award" aims to reward young and middle-aged scientific and technological personnel who have made outstanding achievements in research and innovation, promotion of achievements and industrialization of high and new technologies in life chemistry and related fields. So far,225 outstanding scientists have won awards,19 of whom have been selected as academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

    “Yao Ming Kant Life Chemistry Research Award focuses on encouraging young and middle-aged scientists to devote themselves to scientific research, giving attention and support in the early stage of the release of their original research results, and helping them to make further achievements breakthrough. The average age of all winners is 45, and this yearundefineds winners have emerged with excellent post-90s researchers. The scientific research achievements of the winners have played a positive role in promoting the technological innovation in the field of life chemistry and the transformation and development of the big health industry.

      Professor Yuan Yingjin, winner of this yearundefineds Distinguished Achievement Award, created the technology of targeting and repairing synthetic genome defects, solved the problem of precise and customized synthesis of long chromosomes, and achieved milestone results in the field of synthetic biology; Liu Wanli researcher deeply analyzed the dynamic process of B cell immune recognition and immune activation, the molecular mechanism and its interrelationship with disease, provided an innovative model for the research of immune disease, and provided potential target and theoretical support for the research of precise medical treatment of multiple autoimmune diseases; Yang Hui researcher engaged in the research of new gene editing technology, established a more accurate single base editing tool, and provided an important basis for the entry of single base editing technology into clinical treatment; Professor Du Jie, winner of the Science and Technology Transformation Award, found that it could be used as a diagnostic marker in the aortic layer, including acute, acute pulmonary embolism, etc. In addition, Professor Duundefineds team set up a clinical mass spectrometry platform to carry out clinical diagnosis involving hundreds of metabolic diseases, and has served 100,000 patients.

     "Congratulations to this yearundefineds winners, who have made innovative breakthroughs in basic research in the field of life sciences and promoted revolutionary advances in science and technology. "We will continue to support the excellent research projects of more scientific workers, relying on the enabling platform of Yao Ming Kant to help them realize their innovative dreams and let more new drugs and good drugs go on the market at an early date for the benefit of the vast number of patients," said Dr. Li Ge.