Make a glass of wine with microbial technology

      On December 21,2019, the China Summit Forum on Microbial Science and Technology Industry, sponsored by China Enterprise News Group, Global Network, Guangxi Guigang Municipal Peopleundefineds Government and the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, will open in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

      As the organizer of the summit forum, fan hailin, chairman of guangxi guigang oriental legendary food technology co., ltd., explores the infinite possibility of microbial ecological industry in many dimensions from the level of building brand and casting enterprise. Mr Fan said thousands of alcoholic wines had been born in thousands of years, such as Chinese glutinous rice wine, ancient Persian wine, Cuban Beer and so on, and that many liquor brands were trying to take a place in the wine market. However, according to surveys and statistics, only a quarter of the population currently enjoys drinking, and the number of people who do not or do not enjoy drinking is far more than the number of people who enjoy drinking, with women making up more than 60 percent. At the same time, no wine has become a global table culture, people expect to drink, but fear the consequences.

      From the current market development situation, the development of healthy drinking is a matter of great concern to the government and the public. But the natural living wine is a representative species in the healthy drinking industry, and it is the gap of the healthy drinking industry. The needs of the people and the need of the country to build a harmonious society make the emergence of natural wine in time. Chairman Fan Hailin created a pure natural microbial fermentation method - the "microbial Fanundefineds method "- through a 23-year study of the microbial ecosystem. The wine is characterized by the rapid disappearance of wine in a short period of time and contains nearly 100 kinds of human essential small molecule active nutrition factors and abundant active probiotic nutrition spores. Natural living wine subverts peopleundefineds cognition of wine, redefines the concept of wine, and makes its due contribution to human healthy drinking with core competitive technology.


      It is understood that this brewing technology for the Eastern legend of the original, in line with the demand for new alcohol. Using the microbial method, the harmful microorganisms produced in the fermentation process of various kinds of grain and fruits and vegetables can be decomposed, and the beneficial microorganisms can be fully propagated, and the activities of various beneficial microorganisms in the fermentation process can be maintained, so as to improve the nutrition of wine products in an all-round way. In the future, there will be more and more kinds of microbial natural living wine, which will greatly improve peopleundefineds quality of life.